When it comes to beauty you can’t beat nature! That’s the philosophy behind Stix + Stems.

So, a little bit about me…

S+S was born out of my love for nature. Growing up in the country, I always had a passion for the environment and all its beauty. I credit my love of flowers to my beautiful nan. We would spend hours together in her garden; weeding, planting, propagating, watering, arranging cut flowers, you name it! She too taught me the names of countless flowers and how to care for them. If neither of us knew, we would get out the trusted year-round garden guide to find out. These are very happy memories for me.

These days, my eyes are drawn to any garden or floral arrangement, whether they be simple or extravagant. Give me a vase of flowers, and yes, I will admire them of course. But then my eyes start wandering madly and before you know it, I’ve got to know each flower on a personal level. Flowers are my friends!

At first glimpse, each one is so simple and elegant. But the more you stare, the more complex each one becomes. Each has its own character and beauty– its own colour, form, texture, its own scent – as if it were human. When each one is placed together with intention and purpose, a unique work of art is born, evoking some type of emotional response from those who get to admire. This is amazing stuff!  Yes, I’m a FLOWER NERD!

So now that it’s been made perfectly clear that I’m a flower nerd, you should know as a potential client, that my passion lies in creating bespoke floral works of art that celebrate the seasons and importantly, the uniqueness of YOU! I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and working together to tell your story through the beauty of flowers.

Matt Perkins